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I'm a bit of a poet/musician ex-vagabond, now living in New Milford, CT after spending time in the Midwest, West Coast, and New York City. Some of my past jobs include: running a carousel, reading tarot cards on a 900#, handing out bags of chips and salsa on the street corner, assistant to the president of an independent record label, "Igor" on a Haunted Hayride, astrological counsellor, and secretary.  I currently work for the company that invented bubble wrap.

I am passionate about the little joys in life, like cute shoes, great jewelry, and finding that perfect vintage find at estate sales or thrift stores. I'm afflicted with Pyrexia, and I'm also really into those Hazel Atlas "State" glasses and squeal insanely when I come across one.

I have an unnatural attraction to items so hellishly tacky they are fabulous, but enough about my personal problems.

Beading since 1988, I had moved on to other forms of artistic expression like scrapbooking and collage, but the call of the beading wild had me dig out my stash and try things in a new way, with the eye of a collage artist. 

Sometimes I use paper elements in my design, like my fun paper-under-acrylic pendants. Lots of times I use beads from old costume jewelry that I've destroyed for that purpose. I also like to use semi-precious gemstones for their metaphysical properties, and with my past astrological experience, I've been known to create customized "prescription" necklaces or bracelets based upon the wearer's Natal Chart. Fun, right?

I also like to take a beat up old guitar and decoupage the crap out of it and I've been known to crochet.  

Being a musician, music means a lot to me and I've always got something playing in the background, I like most music and have been mocked relentlessly for my eclectic playlist.  I also am a reading fiend and always have a book going. I don't know how I fit all of this in, but considering I never work out and my house is a mess, I am beginning to figure it out.

I live with my boyfriend of 8+ years, Randy (he is a widower) and his two sons Tyler and Ryan.  I've been with them since they were 6 and 8 so I guess they are mine now, too.  We have two cats, a basement full of musical instruments and a shed full of vintage motorcycles and Honda scooters from the 80's.  It's a loud messy awesome life.

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