Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WTF Tuesday, Banana Spliff?

What the heck is this? I asked and lifted it up, to
find out.....

That it's a Rasta Banana.  A 6' long Rasta Banana with
heavy lidded eyes.
I completely understand why it was donated, but I am wondering where this came from. Was this won at an Evil Carnival? Did some guy bust his butt trying to knock something down with a softball to impress the lady on his arm with his Giant Stoned Semi-Racist Banana?  I can't imagine that it would exist for any other reason.  I would love your conjectures in the comments.

EXTRA CREDIT:  This book:
This cat is thinking, "She can stare at me all she wants
she will never plumb the depths of my feline mind!
Bwah hahahahah!!!! OK now she's beginning to freak
me out."
Neither of my cats would tolerate this bullshit.

I'm linking to Sir Thrift A Lot's WTF Tuesday.

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