Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coffee Cup

One of my favorite people owns one of my favorite places: Molten Java, a local coffee shop in Bethel, CT. If you are anywhere in the area, I highly recommend dropping by for a great cup of delicious coffee or a yummy snack, or to see some local live music.  Wendy was an art major in college and it shows - the shop is decorated with all kinds of local art.  Her painted guitar collection over the bookshelves actually inspired me to take my love of scrapbooking/collage and move it to a new medium.
A bunch of Wendy's friends all painted these guitars.

And hey, even if you aren't local but want to try
some amazing fair trade coffee, fresh beans roasted right in house and mailed to you, go to
Molten Java, you won't be disappointed!

Wendy sent an email out to a bunch of her artist friends saying she wanted to do an installation around the theme "Coffee Cup" to hang on one of the bigger walls in the shop.  She didn't care what we did as long as it was coffee cup related, so I decided to do a guitar with that theme.

I was given a Stella 3/4 guitar that once belonged
to my Aunt back in the 60's.  After determining it had no real value as an antique or vintage item beyond the fact that it belonged to my dear Aunt, I laid a base of several coats of "Summer Peach" acrylic paint and then went to town with photos.

I have to hit up some old magazines I have lying around that I've brought home from flea markets for additional images. 

I am also torn between using a pom-pom trim or trying something a little different and more ornamental.  Like swinging rows of paillettes.

What is also still a mystery to me is what color I'm going to go with, if I'm going to go for big punchy contrast or if I'm going to stick to something a little more monochromatic with the peach and pale orange.

I'm also not sticking with the glittery plaid paper in the sound hole, it isn't laying flat like I'd like it to and I think I want to find something a little more subtle.

This will come to me.  I am already leaning toward hot pink since I'm so turned on by the hot pink + orange combo I saw in a layout in Fresh Home Magazine - they did different color schemes inspired by countries, and my favorites were India and Brazil.  India's colors were all hammered silver, hot pink, orange and yellow.  Brazil was pale green, bamboo and fuchsia.  Love these color combos!

Not just for the guitars, but for beads.  I don't have much of a bead budget this month since I'll be going to Las Vegas to see my best friend in two weeks.  I want to bring a wad of cash out there -- and I don't drink OR gamble, I want to hit the FLEA MARKET! The possibility of the kitsch to be had out there is TANTALIZING.  It's worth laying off on beads for a few weeks just in case I score some amazing stuff.


  1. I'm no help with the guitar ideas, but I'd certainly love to go to some sales in Las Vegas, I wonder how different (or similar) they'd be to Australia.

  2. I'm thinking that it's the Kitsch Capital of the U.S. (or close to it) I have very high hopes, but I am trying to manage my expectations. I will be posting a million pictures.


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