Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Learned At My First Craft Fair

1.  DO NOT forget to get coffee before going in...because it's likely that there are no snacks/drinks available and I will have to bribe the granddaughter of the lovely but complete stranger selling fleece blankets and hats at the table right behind mine to run down to Cumberland Farms and hook me up..

2. Likewise, go to the bathroom as soon as I get there.

3. Get there earlier so I'm not setting up while everybody else has been set up for at least an hour.

4.  Don't spend half of what I make on other crafter's crafts.  Well, I guess half is okay, as long as it's not MORE than half.

5.  Bring that nice pedestal mirror I have so people can try on the flower hair clips and see how awesome they look instead of ripping the mirror off a beat up old makeup palette.  It would be more aesthetically pleasing.

6. People are super nice.  I met some great people and picked up some super cute things and even more exciting, I won a Coach Clutch in the raffle.

By the way, I did the craft fair to support the Connecticut Roller Girls Flat Track Roller Derby Team.  What a great group of broads! I also met some great girls who were selling crafts to benefit Crossed Paws Animal Rescue based in Wallingford, CT.  I ended up donating $100 worth of my square pendants to them to sell along with a lot of other donated items they had for sale.  Overall it was an awesome experience, I can't wait to do another one.

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  1. Congratulations on your first craft fair!!! Fun aren't they...yes...doing shows alone can be difficult. I don't have that issue as my daughter comes with me to help...wouldn't be able to do the markets/show without her help!!!



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