Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lights

One of the places I would like to curl up and live in was this lounge in the Marquee - so SPARKLY!!
Is this over the top? I don't think so, I think there's a
place in the world for ropes of crystals to hang from the
ceiling over pink light bulbs, besides a Las Vegas Lounge.

Randy told me that I could do this in my studio, but not on the main
floor.  Sometimes being the only female in the house can really stink.

Actual gondolier singing opera in the Venetian

View of the Strip from our hotel room

:Love this
The Freemont Street Experience is a strange mix of old and new -- Freemont Street was the original "strip" and it's full of the classic old neon we've all seen in the movies and the old TV Show in the 70's .  I have to say that there's some charm in it but it's also kind of nitty-gritty with a very different crowd than the newer Strip - some people say this is the "Real Vegas".  It's definitely worth checking out but I don't think I'll be hanging out here regularly when I meet up with Mothra out there again -- it's a little TOO real for me, if you catch my drift.
Old neon + LED TV screens 

You can see the roof over Freemont that has a non-stop
LED light show, sometimes it's spectacular, other times
it's basically advertising.  It encloses the light and gives it
an almost surreal experience of daylight under there.

The Pioneer was still operating when I drove through
Las Vegas from California on my way back east to CT,
now it's a gift store that has tables proclaiming "Everything
$0.97 Cents!!"

This place has a seedy romantic vibe to it -- we didn't go inside but I read that they
refurbished the interior.

Looking down Freemont Street from El Cortez

And this is the place where I lost most of the winnings from the night before,
and let me tell you, the place was LOADED with second-hand smoke.  As an
ex-smoker, I feel kind of hypocritical complaining about second-hand smoke, but
there was SO MUCH of it that when I woke up the next morning I felt like I
smoked a pack of Camels - non filtered.
One of my FAVORITE places to go was the Pinball Hall of Fame, where
they had pinball machines from many decades, check out this one, it's
so old the numbers aren't digital - they flip! Yes, I played it and it was awesome!

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  1. A roof over the street??? Crazy shit, man!


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