Friday, June 17, 2011

Beautiful Beads!

What a pure delight!! I am participating in a bead swap hosted by Sarah from My So Called Junky Life.  Sarah is actually my bead swap partner, too.  The other day I received her package and it was beautifully wrapped:

Pretty in Pink!

What was inside was even sweeter:
How gorgeous is this? It's a kitchen matchbox!

Then I opened the box:
I totally plotzed over the wee bird's nests, and could wait to open
this pretty blue drawstring bag!

OOOOOOH!!! Pearls aplenty with lovely vintage pieces with rhinestones,
little rhinestone spacers, jet crystals, what looks like rainbow moonstone
faceted beads, pearly buttons and carved rose and rosary pieces.

You could call it a handful of AWESOME.

I have already started working on a piece that is different than my usual style, which is one reason why I opted to participate in a bead swap like this: fresh ideas and new inspiration.  I can't wait to get home from work today so I can continue working on it.  Naturally, I will post the finished piece ASAP.

Thanks so much, Sarah -- your packaging was so cool and the beads and other bits and pieces are gorgeous and so much fun!!


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