Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thrift Share - What A Weekend!

This weekend was a rare treat, I ended up out on the road both days!

Saturday I went with my dear friend Eric, we have very similar tastes in things, except when it comes to lamps.  I know I am partial to really tacky lamps, I dub them "so hellish they're fabulous".  Eric thinks I'm crazy.  I came very close to picking up this insane lamp - it was a squaw with a papoose on her back, carved from wood, about 3.5 feet tall without the lampshade.  It was so wrong it was right - Eric absolutely refused to let me buy it.  I suppose cooler heads prevailed.

Individual covered butter dish -- HOW CUTE IS THIS? I had to have it.

I have a weakness for cute bird figurines, and that warped deer was pretty
cute, too.  There's a better picture of that GORGEOUS tin behind them.

Paper Blanks journal - I love any kind of Buddhist art, and this is also
sparkly in some places, even better. 

Melmac serving bowl - in phenomenal condition - LOVE!

I bought these for my friend Steve who collects owls, but they're so cute
I want to keep them. I'll be nice and give them to him anyway.

At this amazing estate sale I was told to pack a box full of craft supplies
for $10, and it was a HUGE box, I was just stuffing rick rack and other
great things in there, and when I unpacked later, I came across these
amazingly adorable wood mushrooms.  

Mid-mod snack tray with wooden handles, I just LOVE this! 

This tablecloth came from a flea market a few weeks ago, didn't post it
then -- as I was handing my money to the lady at the table, she told me
this was a Vera tablecloth. I didn't see a signature or a tag, but either way
I fell in love with the bright graphic flowers, so Vera or no Vera, I love it.

Barometer from Air France Concorde...how funky is this?

My Craigslist white metal Daybed in the studio, also
a vintage wooden sewing box stand I picked up for $10,
right now it's FULL of unopened vintage rick rack.

Two flowers for my hair and a barely used guitar strap - the colors are

This weekend we are due to go to a Motorcycle show up in Rhinebeck, NY. I am hoping to either thrift or hit a few sales in that area while we're over there.

I'm linking with Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday.


  1. The melmac, the mushrooms, the owls - love 'em.

    I'm not as nice as you, I'd keep the owls for myself.

  2. I adore the owl creamer & sugar set-- I think that company made a whole line of owl items as I own a very similar toothpick holder & spoon rest.

    The wood mushrooms are amazing too, any ideas on how you'll use them?

  3. I have a few ideas for the mushrooms! Some have floral wire attached, some don't. I might incorporate some of them into one of my art guitars. I was also thinking about using some in a woodland themed "fascinator" for the hair. Maybe earrings? Right now I just like lookin' at them :)

  4. I really like the Melmac serving bowl. I picked one up similar to that and love it. I also think the mushrooms are adorable and the little bird figurines. Great finds!

  5. The owls on stumps are sooo cute. You ARE a great friend! Sweet score on the Barometer. I love those old Airline goodies.


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