Monday, June 6, 2011

Just A Quick Note

I had an AMAZING weekend full of great scores between Goodwill, tag sales, estate sales, a flea market and Craigslist.  My camera is acting up, so I won't have photos until later.  However, some of the things I found are:
- a barometer (in French) from "Air France Concorde"
- pink Melmac divided serving bowl
- a white metal framed daybed (only $35!)
- Intermediate Spanish Immersion lessons on CD (they are SO EXPENSIVE, even on eBay!) for $2
- Souvenier glass commemorating the New Jersey Turnpike, "118 miles of effortless driving". HA!
- A beautiful guitar strap
- A GORGEOUS Paper Blanks hard cover lined journal, which I'm using to track expenditures since The Man and I are trying to work out a budget.
- A beat up guitar for me to turn into art


I also have a question -- WHO SELLS a Bikini Wax Kit at a tag sale? Well, obviously, one lady in my town does, but it was kind of jarring to see it there next to piles of books about how to have great sex.

I also sent out a box of beads for the bead swap Sarah is hosting over at My So Called Junky Life - I wish I had photographed it first, but I didn't want to wait for my camera to sort out before sending it.  Can't wait to see who gets and and what they do with it! I filled it full of fun stuff and vintage surprises.

I will be posting again later with photos!

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