Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This weekend my partner in crime was Randy.

We went to an "estate sale" which was actually a tag sale.  The ad on Craigslist said just the the kind of stuff that makes my pulse race! "Entire contents of grandparents home" etc.

But he was an ESTATE TEASE because it was...well, as a disgruntled treasure hunter posted on Craigslist about the sale: "This is the same ol', same ol' guy trying to sell his overpriced so-called collectibles. Same pile of junk he had one year ago. Unless you really have time to lose and you want to see expensive garbage, avoid." 
I wish I saw that before I went there.  However, Randy and I were HOWLING all the way home reliving the conversation we had over his dusty overpriced collectibles. I did end up buying an old concert Tshirt for my 17-year-old, and Mr. Tag Sale says, "Are you musicians?" and we said yes and then he told us how we will NEVER SURVIVE around here and that nobody would want to hear us play unless we were in a large band that did classic rock.  OKAY THEN!  He was a loon.

I did, however, manage to get some great stuff.  Some dirty Melmac turquoise teacups I haven't cleaned up yet, and a set of Spring Blossom dishes (also in need of a good cleaning.)

I also picked up:                                                          
A very silky dress that fits me like a dream! The lady who sold
it to me recently lost a bunch of weight "The hard way" she said.

Way too many nutcrackers - but none of these are like any
I already have, so it's OKAY!!! 
Some books - I'm pretty psyched about the Thai cookbook.
The Supremes...on Vinyl!
A lovely faux Tiffany lamp for the top of the piano

I'd say that overall it was a pretty good haul!


  1. I love the lamp that you bought and the nutcrackers too! I used to collect nutcrackers, until my husband decided we had to many. It's been a while since I've been treasure hunting. You found some pretty neat stuff.

  2. I have an on-the-verge-of-too-much Nutcracker Collection. I've brought so many in from estate sales/garage sales this season that I'm hoping I have enough mantel for them all come Christmas!


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